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Our client reviews speak for themselves. Visit the Bone Wellness Centre today for your own DEXA scan.

The DEXA Scan at The Bone Wellness with Salima is a great service and tool that I recommend to many of my nutrition clients and endurance athletes. It is an amazing look into the body to understand composition vs only weight. The DEXA Scan is the gold standard of Body Comp! It is a great benchmark for performance enhancement as it accurately measures lean mass, fat mass, total bone density and resting metabolic rate. One gets a lot of data to help set and reach their personal goals.  *

Tara Postnikoff  – Nutritionist, Coach, Trainer at Healthy Eating Active Living & Executive Director at Toronto Triathalon Club

I have become a client of Salima’s over the last 6-7 months, and can’t say enough about the fantastic impact that working with her at The Bone Wellness Centre has had on my lifestyle and fitness level.  WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS MANAGED! are words that have become my new mantra for how I live every day. I first discovered this philosophy at Salima’s office.  People stop paying attention to what they eat, and the scale slowly creeps up. If you don’t pay attention to your body fat vs lean tissue, over time your body-fat creeps up, and your lean tissue goes down. Diet and aging contribute to this, so unless you are actively doing something to prevent it, this outcome is unavoidable.  If you are exercising regularly, are you enough enough food and enough protein for you muscle mass? How would you know unless you actually know reliably what your muscle mass is? Guessing is fine, but if you want to guarantee that your hard work will pay dividends…you need to know exactly what your body needs to burn fat not muscle.   I have 3 different body fat scales in my home, all of which are directionally adequate, but very inaccurate in determining my true body fat and lean mass. With Salima’s help, and the detailed body composition reading, I have successfully lost over 40lbs of fat since my journey began in March, and I have put on over 8lbs of muscle. I don’t measure my success by how much I weigh, but rather how much of my body is fat, lean muscle, and bones/tissue. After-all its really only fat that people ever want to lose.  No doubt, my success was due to hard work in the gym and a commitment to altering my eating habits, but my success has been made much easier by knowing exactly what my body composition was, and how much I needed to eat to lose fat without losing any muscle….and no longer be concerned about weight.

No one wants to lose muscle! If you don’t know how much muscle you have, and your diet choice is to maintain a calorie deficit to promote weight loss, how can you be sure that you aren’t losing muscle at the same time?  Cardio alone will never get the results you want if your goal is to have less fat. You may drop a few pounds, or perhaps several pounds, but if you aren’t maintaining or building muscle, you may weigh less, but will actually be getting fatter.
WHAT GETS MEASURED GETS MANAGED……think about it….if you face the facts every day about what you eat, how you exercise, and what your body composition is, it is almost impossible to make poor decisions or at a minimum, you will do so less frequently.  I encourage anyone interested in losing fat and better understanding their body composition to invest the time to see Salima, learn about their body, and dramatically increase their chances of being successful. Thanks Salima! *

Jeff – Exceutive

As a physician and fitness enthusiast I highly recommend the Bone Wellness Centre to help you monitor, assess and celebrate your own fitness journey. Over the last year I have had 5 body composition DEXA scans at the Bone Wellness Centre. I know the facility, the examination and the President, Salima, quite well now. The information I gained from each scan was tremendously useful. As a starting point I used my first DEXA to help plan my nutrition based on my body composition and in selecting an appropriate weight training regimen. Subsequent scans were a cause to celebrate as I went from 27% body fat down to 10% body fat over the course of 9 months. I lost about 32 lbs of pure fat while putting on 6 lbs of muscle; neither easy feats in your 30s! I would not have been able to achieve the best physique I have ever had in such a short amount of time without the services provided by Salima’s work at the Bone Wellness Centre. The scan is quick and without any discomfort. You just lie on a foam bed as the machine hums quietly and scans you for a few minutes. You receive your results right away and Salima personally explains their meaning while E-mailing you a detailed document outlining where exactly on your body you lost fat and/or gained muscle. It is less radiation than a chest X-ray and we’re allowed many of those per year under safety guidelines! The scans are easy to schedule, Salima is always cordial and informative while patiently going over the results of the scan with you and the information you’ll gain and their effect on your fitness and health are worth many times over the reasonable costs of this service. I say this with the utmost sincerity as a physician concerned about the health of the Canadian population: Getting a DEXA scan at the Bone Wellness Centre is a small investment with tremendous returns on your health now and during many vibrant and enjoyable years of quality health in the future. With a DEXA scan coupled to a sound nutrition and weight training regimen, you’re sure to achieve amazing results as well. I thank Salima and the Bone Wellness Centre for helping me through my fitness journey; I plan to continue to use their services well into the future.  *

Dr. V.Khan – Radiologist & Professor

As someone who has more recently become more focused on exercise and better diet to improve overall health it has certainly been a learning process to identify the optimal program that will help me achieve my goals. The DEXA body composition assessment is an invaluable resource that provides unique insight into your bone, muscle and fat mass by key areas of your body. This information helps identify what aspects of your program are working and perhaps other areas that could be optimized. More importantly however, I found Salima to be a true professional who takes the time to understand your fitness goals and analyzes your results that gives you tangible insights to improve. As somewhat of a neophyte who lacks the knowledge and confidence to really know if I am on the right path, I particularly appreciated Salima’s patience and reassuring manner to ensure that I was able to get maximum value through the process.  From my perspective, anybody who is committed to optimizing their health by setting goals should use the services of Salima to validate that they are on the right path.  *

Stuart –  VP of Sales

Salima is incredibly professional, courteous, and flexible with her clients. Her centre, the Bone Wellness Centre, is absolutely a must for those looking to determine a baseline of their body composition before setting out for any new diet or exercise regimen. I wish more people in Toronto would know about her work.  *

Leor – Engineer

As a Chiropractor I am always interested in technologies which can be used to measure and track states of health.  I believe that DEXA scanning is revolutionary in that is gives a very accurate picture of body composition and health status which can be reliably used to monitor progress over time.  I’ve just had my first scan and the information will be very helpful for me to direct my personal efforts for better health and fitness.  I will be recommending that my patients use DEXA for these same purposes.  Thank you Salima for a great experience and I can’t wait for my next scan! *

Dr. Peter Angerilli, B.Sc.,D.C.
Owner, Clearview Chiropractic, Burlington Ontario

Having multiple DEXA scans done at The Bone Wellness Centre has made a huge improvement in my training as an athlete. It tells me accurately whether I’m gaining or losing muscle or fat. That is something the scale can’t do! I think it’s really useful information for athletes or anyone looking to improve their body composition. *

Vicki – Competitive Athelete

“Having personally experienced almost every system used for body composition analysis I can honestly say that the DEXA Scan is by far the superior method. It is more accurate than Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, less awkward that Hydrostatic Weighing, and offers a more accurate picture of fat distribution than even Skinfold Calipers can offer.  I would highly recommend the DEXA Scan to anyone serious about monitoring progress towards their health or fitness goals.” *

Sean Allt – National Trainer BA, CSEP-CPT[/quote]

Before I embarked on an exercise routine to add muscle, I visited the Bone Wellness Centre and had a DEXA scan. The staff was helpful, polite and shared their expertise. I had a very enjoyable experience.
After the first scan, I knew that I needed to increase my food intake and adapt my strength training routine. Now, after months of training and watching my diet, the second DEXA scan I had proved the efficacy of my program decisions.
The other benefit of the second scan is that I know what I need to do to maintain my healthy lifestyle. I highly recommend visiting the Bone Wellness Centre and having a DEXA scan before starting a diet or muscle-adding program. *

Cheers, Mike

Salima was very well informed of  how the results of the body composition meant. Salima also gave me valuable information to ‘tweak’ my diet, ensuring that i am continuing to lose fat, and not lean muscle….I have had two DEXA scans or body compositions at the Bone Wellness Centre in Toronto. I don’t mind travelling from Ottawa as this test helps me to stay on track.. i am loosing fat, and my lean muscle is increasing…Another important consideration when reviewing your body composition is the BMD or bone mass density. If you are concerned about calcium intake, osteopenia, or osteoporosis, this is a valuable tool to detect and prevent future concerns. Thank you Salima, for your kindness, your professionalism, and guidance are appreciated. See you again in 6 months.

Sincerely Julian

While embarking on a program to lose body fat and improve body composition I discovered Salima and The Bone Wellness Centre while searching online. As a data driven individual it was incredible motivation to have detailed numbers and an accurate picture (almost literally) to start with, as well as for tracking progress through the program.  The feedback I received from the DEXA scans was a key piece of the puzzle that allowed me to cut my body fat in half over the course of the program (8 months). Thanks Salima! *

After thinking about a DEXA scan for many years, I finally decided to have one done. What fun! As a data nerd, I love numbers and information that puts it all into perspective. My experience was great. The DEXA scan at the Bone Wellness Center with Salima was super easy. She explained everything well and took the right amount of time to review my results. As a nutrition professional with a focus on medical nutrition therapy, knowing what’s really going on for both myself and clients, in terms of body composition is crucial for better therapeutic interventions.
There’s really no substitute for a DEXA scan; tracking weight history and BMI has limited use when it comes to assessing body composition; not the least of which is assessing muscle mass as we age. Good metabolic health, better quality of life, and maintaining functional independence relies on maintaining muscle as we age and the DEXA is the gold standard to track that. I would highly encourage and recommended anyone to have one done! *

Doug Cook RDN MPH, Integrative & Functional Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian at Doug Cook RD

* Results may vary from person to person.
The total body DEXA scan gives an assessment of fat, muscle & bone. Please note this scan is not diagnostic for osteoporosis or other disease. The detailed analysis of your data will help in evaluating your diet, exercise, lifestyle & other interventions & help set a benchmark for any goals you may have. Results vary depending on these factors mentioned above.