DEXA – The blueprint of your body composition that is essential before starting any diet or workout routine or simply for getting healthy and fit.  DEXA scientifically measures your lean tissue, bone mineral content and fat across different regions of your body with amazing accuracy and precison. Not only will a DEXA scan let you know your exact body composition, but it will also break it down by body segment so you can see where you’re holding the most muscle and fat.  Furthermore, you will get your total bone density and resting metabolic rate!

Lowering your body fat percentage and increasing muscle mass is crucial for getting healthy, fit and maintaining a great physique.

Finding an accurate way to track your changes in body composition can prove to be quite challenging!  We have the solution!  Don’t guess, measure right!  Get your DEXA SCAN and a complete picture of your body from the inside:  From FAT to MUSCLE  to BONE!

Visit The Bone Wellness Centre – only place to do DEXA Scans in Eastern Canada for the public!

Note: For the best results, check your body composition every 3 months to measure improvements and see progress.