1. DEXA Scan is the gold standard to measure Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Bone Mineral Content. Our new DEXA Scans include a colour coding feature to the body composition image showing you more intensely & separating where the fat, muscle tissues & bone are concentrated.
  2. DEXA Scan gives values for percent fat, percent lean & regional values of the entire body as well as separating the arms, legs, trunk, & android/gynoid regions along with reference graphs.
  3. DEXA Scan provides a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) based on the total amount of lean and fat tissues in the body. This guides one in knowing how many calories one can take to increase or decrease their weight in a health manner.
  4. DEXA Scan measures the abdominal fat and also looks at the distribution of fat using the android (waist) to gynoid (hip) ratio. High levels of abdominal fat are strongly linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer.
  5. DEXA scans are highly accurate & precise methods to measure body composition. DEXA gives true measured results backed by science –- numbers don’t lie, they give the true picture of your body from the inside.

That is why DEXA scans are the GOLD STANDARD and will  ultimately instill the REALITY CHECK & drive the MOTIVATION to better your health and appearance. Remember, what gets measured gets managed!

Benefits of DEXA Total Body Composition:  Prevention of disease, better quality of life, weight management, higher self esteem, & promoting healthier lifestyle & eating habits