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How do I prepare for the DEXA scan?

Prior to your procedure, please

  • Keep hydration levels to minimum i.e. 1-2 glasses
  • Don’t consume a fatty meal
  • Don’t exercise prior to your test, you can do so after
  • Female patients can’t be pregnant
  • Please wear comfortable clothing with no metal (i.e. No zippers or no wired bras). Your glasses, hair pins and jewellery should be removed prior to the scan. A T-shirt with shorts, or jogging pants are ideal to wear for the procedure.
  • Any metal inside the body (metal plates, pins, screws, metal prosthetic joints) or piercing, that can’t be removed will be consistent from one scan to the next and will be added to the amount of bone
  • If you have had any of these tests this week, please reschedule in three weeks time to allow no interference: Barium Enema, Contrast MRI or CAT Scan & Nuclear Medicine Tests
  • Follow-Up Studies: Keep a similar routine 24 hrs prior to your baseline test i.e. Eat, exercise, hydrate at the same time to enhance precision
  • Follow-Up Scan is recommended in 3 months to monitor your muscle mass and body fat loss