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What is a DEXA Scan?

DEXA or Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry is a safe, painless and scientifically developed imaging technology. It is the gold standard in measuring body composition. The DEXA Body Composition Scan is considered one of the most accurate and reliable methods of body composition analysis, with minimal radiation exposure and no discomfort to the patient.

The Bone Wellness Centre Toronto offers the Dexa Scan for measuring body fat and total body composition analysis. Our Dexascan technology can provide a detailed analysis of your body composition by measuring the amount of fat, muscle and bone in your body. During the Dexa Scan, you will lie on a table while a scanner arm passes over your body.

DEXA scans can be a powerful motivational tool for people tracking weight loss, nutrition, exercise, rehabilitation, longevity & overall health.

DEXA Scan Body Fat/DEXA Scan Body Composition

DEXA Scan Body Fat/DEXA Scan Body Composition

Looking to measure your body fat accurately? Look no further than Bone Wellness Centre, Toronto, and our cutting-edge DEXA Scan technology. Our DEXA Body Fat Scan is a state-of-the-art solution for measuring and tracking body fat levels. Using dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) technology, our scans provide a detailed analysis of your body fat percentage and the distribution of fat, muscle and bone.

At Bone Wellness Centre Toronto, we use DEXA Body Composition Scan to comprehensively analyze body composition, which can help develop personalized fitness and nutrition plans. The scan can also be used to monitor changes in body composition over time, making it an excellent tool for tracking progress toward weight loss or fitness goals. But why is measuring your body fat so important? After age 20, we all start losing muscle and gaining fat. You can’t tell through scale measurements or by looking in the mirror how much body fat you have.  A healthy body fat percentage is essential for maintaining good overall health, as carrying too much fat can increase your risk of various health issues.  The DEXA Body Composition Scan can also provide important information about body fat, which is crucial to prevent obesity-related issues and reduce the risks of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cancer.

By tracking your body fat levels accurately, you can make informed decisions about your diet and exercise routine and take the necessary steps to improve your overall health.

At Bone Wellness Centre, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest care and expertise. At our centre, DEXA Scan Body Fat is performed by experienced professionals who will guide you through the process and provide you with a detailed report of your body composition results. With our advanced technology, you can trust that your results will be accurate and reliable.

Overall, the DEXA Body Composition Scan is a valuable tool for anyone interested in improving their health and fitness and for healthcare providers seeking to diagnose and treat various medical conditions.

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5 Top Reasons To Get A DEXA SCAN

5 Top Reasons To Get A DEXA SCAN

  1. DEXA Scan is the gold standard to measure Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass & Bone Mineral Content. Our new DEXA Scans include a colour coding feature to the body composition image showing you more intensely & separating where the fat, muscle tissues & bone are concentrated. Establishing a baseline is crucial prior to starting a program, knowing your exact numbers will give you a benchmark for your health, body, fitness & nutritional goals.
  2. DEXA Scan gives values for percent fat, percent lean & regional values of the entire body, and separating the arms, legs, trunk, & android/gynoid regions along with reference graphs. Get a complete picture from the inside & monitor your numbers to see if you are on the right track, losing body fat and enhancing lean muscle mass.
  3. DEXA Scan provides a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) based on the body’s total amount of lean and fat tissues. This guides one in knowing how many calories one can take to increase or decrease their weight healthily.
  4. DEXA Scan measures the abdominal fat and looks at the fat distribution using the android (waist) to gynoid (hip) ratio. High levels of abdominal fat are strongly linked to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. Be proactive in the prevention of disease & better quality of life!
  5. DEXA scans are highly accurate & precise methods to measure body composition. DEXA gives true measured results backed by science; numbers don’t lie; they give the true picture of your body from the inside. Stop guessing and measure right!
Dr. Peter Attia Highly Recommends Annual Dexa Scan

Dr. Peter Attia Highly Recommends Annual Dexa Scan

Dr. Peter Attia is a well-known physician who advocates for using advanced medical technology to help people optimize their health and longevity. One of the tools he often recommends is dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) scans. Dr. Attia is a strong proponent of using annual DEXA scans to track progress and optimize health. He has spoken about the benefits of DEXA scans in this video.

The Netflix Documentary “You Are What You Eat” emphasizes how the DEXA Scan is a groundbreaking tool in measuring body composition & it is the best investment in your overall health. It gives a true picture of your fat mass, lean tissue, visceral fat & total bone density. Excess body fat is associated with many health risks. Focus on getting healthy to enhance your quality of life. Book Your DEXA scan today! What gets measured gets managed!

The Bone Wellness Centre featured in GQ magazine! Salima, the clinical DEXA specialist performed the comprehensive DEXA scan for the writer for his story.

DEXA Total Body Composition:



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DEXA) is the gold standard for measuring body fat!
  • This test measures one’s body fat & gives a 3-dimensional measurement of:  Fat Tissue Mass (Subcutaneous Fat & Internal Visceral Fat), Lean Muscle Mass and Total Body Mineral Content (Total Skeletal Mass & Bone Density)

  • It is safe, simple, & painless.

  • The patient lies on a table on their back for 6 – 12 minutes – a small X-ray scanner called a densitometer takes a picture of the total body – The patient breathes normally but should remain still.
  • The radiation from this test is minimal – one/twentieth of a chest x-ray. In simpler terms, it is less than a one-way flight from Toronto to Vancouver or less than a daily dose of natural background radiation.
  • Our centre has cutting-edge technology: The Lunar Prodigy Advance Machine by GE. The only direct digital bone density machine with the latest advancements in densitometry science that is both accurate and precise for the total body (total fat, lean muscle), spine, hip, and forearm assessments.

At The Bone Wellness Centre, the DEXA scan typically takes between 6 to 12 minutes to complete. During this time, you will be asked to lie on a flat table while a scanner arm moves over your body to capture images.  You will be with us for 30 minutes in duration. This includes the scan, analysis, immediate results and discussion of your data.

DEXA uses a 3-Dimensional model to measure body fat. It divides the body into fat tissue mass (subcutaneous fat & internal visceral fat), lean muscle mass, and total body mineral content (total skeletal mass & bone density). The total body scan shows the skeleton & soft tissue. It directly measures the percent body fat for the entire body and sub-regions. It can show the muscle, fat & bone in grams for the entire body and per the arms, legs & trunk. The total body composition test looks at fat distribution using the android (waist) to gynoid (hip) ratio. Carrying too much fat in the wrong areas can increase your chance of serious health problems. 


Men with a waist-to-hip ratio of > 1 & women with a ratio > 0.8 have an increased risk of cardiovascular illness. An apple-shaped body (excess fat around the abdomen, trunk, and inside the abdominal cavity) can increase one’s risk for diabetes & heart disease. Pear-shaped body types (excess fat around hips, thigh & buttocks) are less prone to harmful illness. This accurate & precise technique actually shows how much fat you are losing. Total Body Composition Scans provide far more complete and precise information to help support diagnoses, guide treatment, and even help athletes decide on the training regimens they use to achieve the best performance.

DEXA boasts accuracy, reproducibility, safety, speed and simplicity. No other technique can match the results obtained from DEXA. Measurements of body composition help show how lean mass and body fat change during health and disease.

Skin callipers: Measures only fat under the skin, high likelihood of technical error, not good for lean or obese people

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA): High rate of false positive and false negative results, too many variables to control

Underwater Weighting: Being submerged in water requires heavy equipment and is time-consuming

Bod Pod: Only a two-dimensional reading based on air displacement, not readily available, very expensive

CT: Very high dose of radiation and expensive, not readily available for body fat measurement

MRI: Extremely expensive, not readily available for body fat measurement

Body weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are fat and how many are lean body mass. It is not the amount of weight measured but the amount of fat in the body that is potentially dangerous to health. Excessive body fat is a serious health risk & can increase one’s risk for diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, hypertension, gout, joint disease, musculoskeletal problems, cancer, gall bladder disease, sleep apnea & respiratory distress. Inadequate body fat can lead to malnutrition, osteoporosis, or anorexia. The body needs a certain amount of fat to regulate our body temperature, insulate our internal organs and provide our body’s energy storage.

  • We cannot do the test if you are pregnant.
  • If you had a dye (contrast media) injected from a CT or MRI procedure; any GI series; a barium study; or a radioisotope injection in the past week, please reschedule in 3 weeks as these substances may interfere with the test results

On the day of your Scan:

Normal Fluid Intake – you may have about 3 glasses (You may have your tea, coffee, juice); please don’t over hydrate

  • Don’t consume a very fatty meal, e.g., fried fish n chips, right before the Scan
  • Try not to exercise before your test; you can do so after the Scan, as some people can lose a lot of fluid during their exercise program.
  • Female patients can’t be pregnant.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing with NO METAL (i.e., No zippers or wired bras). Your glasses, hair pins, and jewellery should be removed before the Scan. A T-shirt with shorts or jogging pants is ideal for the procedure.
  • Any metal inside the body (metal plates, pins, screws, metal prosthetic joints) or piercing that can’t be removed will be consistent from one Scan to the next and added to the amount of body composition. We can still scan you if you have metal that can’t be removed.
  • If you have had any of these tests this week, please reschedule for three weeks to allow no interference: Barium Enema, Contrast MRI, or CAT Scan & Nuclear Medicine Tests.
  • Follow-Up Studies: Keep a similar routine 24 hrs before your baseline test, i.e., Eat, exercise, hydrate at the same time & try to come at similar times of the day as your last Scan
  • Follow-Up Scan is recommended in 3 months to monitor your muscle mass and body fat loss & see if your plan works.
  • Our office is a NUT-FREE and LATEX-FREE facility – please kindly refrain from bringing these items into our office.

You will have to contact your insurance provider regarding coverage. If you have a healthcare spending account, the cost may be reimbursed.

DEXA Scans are extremely low in exposure, less than a flight from Toronto to Vancouver and less than natural background radiation for the day!

Radiation Effective dose (uSv)
Government of Canada – Radiation Doses

Radiation Dose Examples (Source: Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission)

Radiation levels are measured in: 1mSv (millisieverts) = 1,000μSv (microsieverts)






DEXA body composition on Prodigy Advance

0.5-1.0 μSv

0.0005-0.0010 mSv

Cross Country Canada Flight



Chest x-ray



Screening Mammography



Chest CT Scan

7000 μSv


Natural Background Radiation in Canada – Average Annual Dose


1.8 mSv

Natural Background Radiation in Canada – Average Per Day



Metal inside the body will be added as bone and will be consistent from scan to scan and comparative results will be valid.

Implants will lean out DEXA measurements;  they will decrease the body fat.  If the implant is filled with silicone, the body fat will be impacted more than if the filler material is saline.  As long as the implants remain in the body, the results can be compared.  If the implants are removed, a new baseline scan would be required.

It is best to have normal hydration levels for the scan.  Water is not fat or bone mineral content and is thus added to lean tissue.  If one is extremely dehydrated or fasting for long periods prior to the scan, then this can reduce the total lean tissue values.  If one is extremely hydrated, then this can increase the lean tissue values.

No, our in house physician does the prescribing for the scan.

DEXA scans use a very low level of x-ray consisting of two different beams. One is a higher energy beam, while the other is a lower intensity. The lower intensity beam is only absorbed by soft tissue (muscle and fat), where as the higher intensity beam gets absorbed both by bones and by soft tissue. These differences in absorption are used to determine bone mineral density (BMD) and body composition values.

Bone Wellness Dexa Scan Samples

The following DEXA sample scans depict how muscle mass, body fat, and bone density are highlighted and compared. See how these factors play out for obese individuals compared to athletes and bodybuilders. By clearly representing your body fat and muscle composition, you can make serious steps to improve your health, fitness level, and diet accordingly.

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What is The Bone Wellness Centre?

A unique health facility that uses state-of-the-art DEXA technology to perform comprehensive total body composition studies to measure one’s body fat & determine cardiovascular health risks & obesity.

What is our centre's mission?

Our mission is to increase our patient’s overall quality of life with early detection and patient awareness of the disease. Using the science of DEXA, we help one obtain a benchmark for one’s health, body, fitness & nutrition. Through clarity, measured results, accountability & motivation, we want our patients to be proactive in their journey of health & well-being.

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DEXA SCAN: Know your body’s exact blueprint of fat, muscle & bone. This gold standard measurement instills the reality check to evaluate your true measured results. What gets measured gets managed!

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