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Fitness Expert Reviews

“DEXA is my favorite option for measuring body fat percentage, as the results include valuable information besides body composition, including mass imbalances and bone density.”

Tim Ferriss, author of the book, “The 4-Hour Body”

John Barban, author of the book “Adonis Index”
Brad Pilon, author of the book “Eat STOP Eat”

“If you’re not measuring, you’re just guessing – A DEXA scan takes the guess work out of losing weight. It helps you monitor changes in not just your fat mass, but also your lean body mass and even your bone density. In my opinion any well-structured weight loss program should include routine DEXA scans.  I’ve been a client of Salima’s for over 6 years now. As an author who writes on health and fitness, having access to a DEXA body scan has been an invaluable resource allowing me to see changes in muscle, bone and fat mass.  If you’re not measuring, you’re just guessing, and getting a DEXA scan once or twice a year takes a lot of the guess work out of transforming your body.   Salima and her staff are friendly and professional, and make the entire experience an absolute pleasure.  I highly recommend Salima and her clinic to anyone interested in tracking their fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass, or are just curious about how these things change.”

Brad Pilon – Author of the book, “Eat STOP Eat”

“Special thanks to The Bone Wellness Centre for their service and expertise with the DEXA procedure…if you live in the Southern Ontario area and are interested in getting a DEXA done I encourage you to go to the Bone Wellness Centre. The DEXA specifically gives very detailed data on where your body holds it’s fat mass as well as showing your bone density and if you have any imbalances from one side of your body to the other in lean mass. No other device can give you this level of detailed information. If you really want to know how your body is built, the DEXA is the new gold standard for finding out.”

John Barban, author of the book, “The Adonis Index – The Theory of Ideal Body Proportions”

Greg O’Gallagher – Kinobody

“I decided to get my body fat tested with the most accurate device known to man. The DEXA scan. This device uses Dual X-rays to measure your bone mass, fat mass and lean body mass. What’s amazing about the DEXA scan is that not only does it show you your body fat…It also tells you exactly how your fat is distributed throughout your entire body. This is cool because you can determine where you store most of your fat.  You’ll also learn how your muscle is distributed throughout your body and if you have even development on your left and right sides. Finally, you’ll get a clear picture of how dense your bones are, among other interesting pieces of data.  It’s a very fascinating test, altogether it probably took around 30 minutes and the total cost was 125 dollars Canadian. This is definitely something that I would consider doing a few times per year for fun and to see an exact blueprint of how my body is progressing.”

Greg O’Gallagher – Fitness Expert – Kinobody –

Benjamin Pickard

“The Bone Wellness Centre’s DEXA is the gold standard for body fat, lean mass, and overall progress measures. You can see where you are making progress, what needs extra attention, and gives you invaluable metrics on how much muscle and fat you are carrying and where you are carrying it. Without the DEXA scan, my results wouldn’t have been what they are, and I highly recommend to it clients as a baseline and progress measure.”

Benjamin Pickard B.Sc. Kinesiology, CSCS Owner, Lean Strong Fitness

Joe Bubel, Co-Owner and Level 2 Trainer at Cross Fit Barrie

“As a CrossFitter, I care about observable, measurable and repeatable facts…both in workouts and also in my client’s and my own physical gains. Because DEXA scans provide the most highly accurate measurements of body composition available, I recommend it to all of our athletes. Moreover, DEXA scans can accurately measure body fat and muscle by region, in addition to bone mass density, which is very useful information in measuring true progress of a fitness regimen. I personally drive over an hour to get tested at The Bone Wellness Centre versus inferior measurements of body composition. If you are serious about measuring your performance, you should too. Just like any other product or service out there, you get what you pay for…your fitness is worth the best available.”

Joe Bubel Co-Owner and Level 2 Trainer at Cross Fit Barrie

Derek Rafla – Mr. Natural Canada 2013/Fusion Athlete

“Being a top level, international bodybuilder, I use the Dexa scan for a few different reasons. It is of utmost importance for me to know and understand my body to the degree of accuracy which the Dexa Scan provides. Along with precision bodyfat calculations, the Dexa Scan also provides exact information on bone density and any muscular imbalances. I make it an annual habit to get a Dexa scan in order to review and asses my progress from year to year. It is a great tool for any fitness competitor getting ready for competition or simply to understand their body better. I highly recommend seeing what it’s all about and getting it done with the great staff at The Bone Wellness Centre.”

Derek Rafla – Mr. Natural Canada 2013/Fusion Athlete

Joseph Ng, competitive fitness model

“As a competitive fitness model, knowing just my weight is not enough. I need to know my entire body composition so that i can know what changes need to be made to bring my best physique to the stage. That is where the bone wellness clinic and the dexa scan come in. The Dexa scan not only provides me with my exact body fat measurement but also my muscle mass. Allowing me to track and adjust my diet when getting ready to hit the stage.”

Cheers Joseph Ng – Ontario’s first natural men’s physique \winner

Taylor Beech, author of “Beech Body – Ignite Your Fire, Elevate Your Game”

“The experience was very relaxed and non-invasive. I was surprised that I did not have to change my clothes and could just lie on the machine as I came.  You can’t have any metal on you, but I was wearing jogging pants so I was in the clear. I had done many hydrostatic measurements in the past and it is a lot more time consuming and of course you have to change and get completely wet. You also have to hold your breathe underwater after expelling all of your air for as long as you can while floating in a small chair in a small box. I am not afraid of this but I can easily see how one could be. Overall the dexa scan gave a ton of insight and provided me with an excellent bench mark on my lean tissue count that I can endeavour to increase and/or maintain.”

Taylor Beech – Beech Body Home Program & TV show, author of “Beech Body – Ignite Your Fire, Elevate Your Game”,

Lauren Kurtz – Figure Competitor

“The accuracy the Dexa Scan provides, not only for bone density but for muscle and body fat % proved very beneficial for a figure competitor being judged on muscular symmetry. Overall the experience was quick, easy and thoroughly beneficial. It will be interesting to compare future scans as I continue to prep for my next show! “

Lauren Kurtz – Figure Competitor

Marta Fonseca – Master Figure Competitor

“I wanted to know where I was physically. I did my first figure Competition this past 2015. My coach indicated Dexa is one of the most accurate measurements to know where my Body Fat Composition is at. I recommend Dexa was a very positive experience! Great service, quick & to the point. Very informative. It’s great to know and confirm the areas I need to work on for my next competition and can’t wait to see my hard work show in my next Dexa appointment.”

Marta Fonseca – Master Figure Competitor