Salima featured in Snap Exhibition on Quai Wilson, Geneva Switzerland  June  2012

Across the globe to Brazil, Canada, India, Jordan and Switzerland, the photographic essay captures a typical day in the lives of six people with spinal osteoporotic fractures. At times touching and sad, at times hopeful, the photographs provide an intimate portrait of the daily challenges of living with osteoporosis.

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Snap Exhibition on Quai Wilson, Geneva Switzerland June 2012







March 2014:  Salima Ladak-Kachra nominated for Women of Steel by International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)

The New IOF campaign salutes women around the world who are pillars of strength for their family, friends and the community at large & who exemplifies strength, both inside and out

Salima and The Bone Wellness Centre featured in :

Muscle Insider Magazine, Issue 16, The Arnold Schwarzeneger Collectors Edition:
DEXA The Gold Standard in body fat measurement!

Salima featured in Bone Smarts in the Canadian Health & Lifestyle Magazine Winter 2011/2012

Salima featured in Canadian Health Magazine, Page 17 Spring 2011 Edition “Osteoporosis – not just an old person’s disease”

Salima featured in CTV National News with Lloyd Robertson on “Many Spinal Fractures Going Undiagnosed…”

Salima featured in SNAP – the breaking spine, the photographic essay – A MUST SEE

Salima featured in CBC News: Osteoporosis guide to help treat brittle bones

Better diagnosis, treatment needed for brittle bone disease: report–better-diagnosis-treatment-needed-for-brittle-bone-disease-report

Salima featured in The Toronto Star

Salima featured in educational DVD: Osteoporosis Meeting the Challenges by Osteoporosis Canada

Salima featured in the Mother’s Day Annual Appeal for Osteoporosis Canada

My Personal Story – A story about how a young female at the age of 25 fractured four bones in her back; describes her pain, severity of the disease and the importance of early testing

  • Featured on International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) website – Patient Stories and Quality of Life Brochure
  • Featured on Globe and Mail – Health and Well Being Section – Bred In The Bone – R7
  • Featured on Osteoblast Magazine – Helping Canadians Build Better Bones
  • Featured on Arthritis Foundation ofIndia
  • Featured on Women’s Health Matters
  • Featured on Health Zone

Salima featured in City TV, 2007 – Optimal Bone Health Requirements

Salima featured in The Toronto Star and media coverage for IOF World Congress on Osteoporosis,Toronto June 2006

Osteoporosis Campaign: What Scares A Skeleton? Osteoporosis! Nov 2002

Demonstrated BMD on television broadcast on media personnel and news anchorperson.

Salima & The Bone Wellness Centre has been featured on City Line, Global News, Omni TV, City Pulse, Rogers, and ATN.

Organized “The Bones’ Night Out Gala “, in support of the educational centre held at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel inToronto,ON,Canada. April 2002

Event was hosted by Beverley Thomson, current host of CTV’s Canada AM
Attended by government officials, and representatives of major corporations, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, healthcare professionals
Received great reviews from the Health Minister and the Senate of Canada


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