Clinical trial solutions for sponsors

Our facility can perform state of the art Bone Mineral Density (BMD) for spine, hip and forearm regions, Total Body DEXA Composition Studies, Echos and Holter Monitoring in a modern facility for your sites and their patients who are participating in clinical trials.

I am very fortunate to have Salima on our research team! The women in our study really feel comfortable working with her as the study designated DXA ​clinical specialist​, which is wonderful as they meet with her several times. The participants always have pleasant things to say about their interaction with her. Also, Salima is very professional and knowledgeable which helps to and makes everyone feel at ease. When anyone asks me about where they can have a body scan performed, Salima’s clinic is the first place I think of, and I always recommend seeing her.

Dina Katsoulis Ph.d Candidate Principal Investigator of the F-POW study​ - University of Toronto​